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The personal AI
for companies.
100% GDPR-compliant.

Increase the productivity of your employees by combining company-internal data with the power of a personal, 100% GDPR-compliant AI.

Like the employee who knows everything.

This is how it works





Step 1 – Collect data

Provide knowledge

The integration of your websites, audios, documentation and internal wikis expands the knowledge base and enables deeper, specific interaction.*


Step 2 – Almost done

Personalize chat

Give your AI employee a personality to get better responses. Define a context like “answer like a HR manager” and set focus on specific documents

Short interaction between user and winkkAI talking about a short intro text for a HR position at winkk.

Step 3 – Save time

Ask questions

Ask your personal AI employee anything and let the magic happen. Answers always provide transparency about which of your documents where used.

*we support 
websites, audios and
these file types

*we support
websites, audios and
these file types

Your AI,
endless possibilities

There are no boundaries for your personal AI!


Search information

Digging through your documents is no longer necessary. Your AI employee will find the right document in seconds.


Create texts

Create letters, invitations, job postings or any kind of text with less effort. There are no limits set.


Answer emails

Your AI employee will assist you with support requests, questions about your business, and more….


Transcribe audio

Effortlessly transcribe your audio content, such as meetings, turning spoken words into summaries or action items.


Compare data

No matter if internal data, product handbooks or or information about your customers – your AI employee compares & analyzes all information in seconds


Individual use case

Of course, you can also get support from your personal AI for your very company-specific use cases.

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Frequent questions

Yes, as AI is a new topic for most companies we offer a free 14-day trial. Start for free

We currently only support winkkAI in the EU. If you are interested in winkkAI, please send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We will be happy to take care of your request.

Yes, winkkAI is 100% operated in Europe. All data is savely stored and encrypted in european Microsoft Azure data centers.

Yes it is GDPR compliant. winkkAI is 100% operated in Europe. All data is savely stored and encrypted in european Microsoft Azure data centers.

With ChatGPT, data is stored to further develop their model; this is not the case with winkkAI.

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